What you will need to start screen printing...
Screen Printing PressScreen Printing Press, this can be a 1, 2, 4, 6 or even 8 colors with 1 to 8 stations. You can even build a press yourself although most of the time it's better to just buy one.
ArtworkSoftware for artwork, most screen printers use Corel and Adobe programs. CorelDraw is the most cost effective option as you start.
PrinterA way to make film positives, Epson printers work best, if you want to start screen printing like the pros you'll want software like AccuRIP for printing halftone images.
Emulsion and Scoop CoaterEmulsion and a Scoop Coater are needed to coat your screens evenly in order to burn images into them.
ScreensSilk Screens are needed to burn your image onto and push ink through. They come in many different mesh sizes. Click here for more info on screen mesh counts.
Darkroom LightA Darkroom be it a legitimate one or just your closet using a light safe bulb to prep your screens and expose them.
Exposure LightAn exposure light or exposure unit to expose your screens. Learn more about which exposure techniques work best.
TapeScreen tape is needed to mask off the openings and crop marks in order to block the ink from flowing around your stencil and onto your medium.
Squeege A squeegee is crucial for the actual printing action. You must make sure you have the right size squeege in proportion to your artwork and screen size.
InksScreen Printing Inks, be it Plastisol or Water Based are what actually goes onto your garment or paper. There are many different additives and types of inks available for various jobs.
ChemicalsCleaning chemicals to degrease, reclaim, dehaze, and clean ink off of screens after printing so they can be used again in future projects.
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